Learn Microsoft Excel in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Learn Microsoft Excel in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Monday 6th May 2019

Are you a novice when it comes to navigating Microsoft Excel and have you considered attending a training course? There are many course providers in the Norfolk area, each charging £150+ for a full day's Excel training at your chosen level, be it beginner, intermediate or advanced. It can be daunting attending a course with up to 11 other people and you may not come away with all the skills you hoped to gain. You will also have lost an entire day of your precious time which only further adds insult to injury.

Did you know that White Feather Services offers one to one training in the comfort of your own home or at a relaxed venue of your choice? With 14 years' IT training experience, Donna will make you feel at ease as you get to grips with creating meaningful spreadsheets at your own pace. You will not be limited to learning just the basics, intermediate or advanced skills, as you can pick and choose the areas you would like to focus on. What's more, most people only require 2 hours' training which amounts to just £80 and you will be left with a comprehensive guide to refer back to time and time again!

To learn more or to book your one to one session, please email