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White Feather Services: A Story Behind the Name

White Feather Services: A Story Behind the Name

Thursday 10th January 2019

Choosing a name for a business can be both exciting and challenging. Should you opt for something simple and risk being branded as 'boring' or should you go with something a little bit more unusual? Choosing a name for a business is a very personal thing and behind almost every name is a story waiting to be told. I would like to share the story behind White Feather Services with you, so please read on if you would like to hear it...

Last spring, I found myself in the midst of a health scare. It was an extremely frightening time and for two weeks, I did not know if I had a future ahead of me. My thoughts turned to my children and how they would cope without me. I had suffered the loss of my mother as a child and I did not want my own children to experience that pain. However, my fate was out of my control.

As my thoughts darkened, I started to notice white feathers laying on the ground all around me. Initially the feathers were outside, but soon they started appearing inside my house and in the most unusual of places. I walked into my office to find a perfectly formed white feather on my chair and another laid underneath my handbag. As I cooked tea in the kitchen, three white feathers gently moved across the floor behind me and another lay on my bedside cabinet. A friend informed me that white feathers are a sign from a loved one that has passed, letting you know that they are sending hope and are supporting you. I found this extremely comforting and even after receiving the all clear, I have continued to find white feathers in my house with no explanation as to where they came from or how they got there.

When I started up my business, I knew that I had come up with the perfect name. Not only is there a very personal meaning behind White Feather Services, but as a virtual assistant, I am here to give hope to my clients and support them during times of need. Like the white feather, a virtual assistant's support is subtle yet of huge comfort.