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Reach Your Goals - 2019 Planning in Progress...

Reach Your Goals - 2019 Planning in Progress...

Sunday 6th January 2019

I hope you all enjoyed the New Year celebrations and have recovered from Christmas. Now that we are 6 days into 2019, there is just one thing on my mind... GOALS. Are you reaching for the stars this year? Read on to learn how to make the sky your limit.

At the start of each year, you should set aside some time to write down your goals for the year ahead. After all, how can you expect to achieve success if you do not know what direction you are going in? Be sure to complete this simple but very important exercise by the end of January if you have not already done so.

Once you have written down your goals, it is time to turn your focus on the finer detail of how you will achieve your goals. It is wise to jot down 2-3 different routes you might take and the criteria for measuring success. Some goals may take longer than others to achieve, so produce a timeline of your plan and plot the dates in your diary.

Ensuring your plan and individual goals are timebound will help you stay on track, but do not make your plan rigid - adopting a flexible approach will prepare you for those inevitable bumps in the road.

It is important to carry out a regular review of your plan so that you can detect any obstacles and decide upon the appropriate course of action. Some goals may require daily review, others may only require review once a month. Personally, I prefer to review my plan on a daily basis as this helps me to remain focused on the tasks in hand.

Having a plan that is measurable will enable you to see your progress which will in turn drive your motivation. When you make progress and achieve each of your goals, be sure to celebrate your success.

If your plan demonstrates that you do not presently have the appropriate level of resource to achieve your goals, I can help. Hiring a virtual assistant will enable you to take back control and drive your business forward. Together, we will reach the stars...