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Continuous Professional Development: Are You Keeping Up?

Continuous Professional Development: Are You Keeping Up?

Saturday 17th November 2018

In the world of business, you need to stay ahead of the game if you want your business to soar ahead of your competitors. That's why 'Continuous Professional Development' (CPD) should feature high on your to-do list. Having a University degree may have enabled you to follow your dream of starting your own business, but if you have not undertaken any CPD since, then there's every chance that your knowledge is outdated and this can carry serious consequences for you and your business.

CPD is mandatory in some professions such as those in the healthcare industry, but it should be something that we all dedicate time to, as learning on the job is not always sufficient to ensure that we remain competent in our field.

Over the years, my managerial skills have developed and I now have a number of vital tools in the box to assist me in handling a range of issues that may arise through the course of the working day. However, some of these learned behaviours may not be the most effective. I have decided to enhance my knowledge and I am proud to say that I am now a student member of the CIPD, studying towards a Level 5 Diploma in HR Management. I hope to be in a position to offer an HR consultancy service to my clients in the very near future.

You may be reading this blog and wondering if CPD is important for those individuals who are currently not in work or have retired... the answer is simple. We live in a world that is continually evolving and we run the risk of getting left behind. As an example, technology has advanced tremendously over the years and we are moving towards a world of online shopping with many high street retailers closing their doors. Are you competent at using a computer? If not, then it could be time for some CPD. White Feather Services offers a variety of computer training courses suitable for all abilities, so there's no reason to be left behind. You see, CPD is for everyone.