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Write Down Your Goals - Turn Dreams into Reality

Write Down Your Goals - Turn Dreams into Reality

Sunday 26th August 2018

Did you know that if you write down your goals, you are more like to achieve them?

Embed Your Goal
When we write down a goal; that is, describe our goal in vivid detail on paper, a clear picture will embed in our memory. Memory recall of information generated by an individual is greater than recall of information that an individual has only read. This is because when we write down a goal, the picture in our mind is painted twice. First when we use our imagination to visualise a goal and a second time when we describe that goal in written form, triggering the brain to re-visualise the original picture generated by our imagination.

Improve Focus and Determination
Writing down a goal does not just improve the chances of our brain remembering it in clear detail. It helps us to forget about the unimportant elements of our goal and focus on what is important. Whilst your goal is merely floating freely within your brain, it is no more than a dream, but when it is written down with clear steps to be taken, it is a plan. A clear plan will keep you on the right path and your goal clearly in sight. As you take a step closer to your goal, your determination to achieve your goal will increase. Be sure to mark each step as you complete it in order to update the vision embedded your brain.

Share Your Goal
Some individuals find that their focus and determination to achieve a goal increases further when they share that goal with close family and/or friends. There is debate, however, as to whether sharing a goal is actually beneficial, or if it carries greater risk of failure. Whether you should share a goal comes down to your personality. If discussing a goal leaves you with the same sense of satisfaction as achieving a goal, then you should not share your goal with others.